Healthy hair is the foundation of whole-body beauty.

When your hair is radiant, it’s easy to feel beautiful inside & out.

As a child in China, I experienced the versatility of bamboo first-hand. I grew to appreciate its uniqueness and elegance.

I also saw my father try and fail to create a hair care business. When he didn’t succeed, I became inspired to fulfill his legacy by entering the beauty industry.

After more than 20 years as a hair stylist and makeup artist, I’ve realized that most of my clients don’t need yet another expensive shampoo or conditioner. They need the right products – made from the right materials – to care for their roots and scalp. This would in turn create the foundation needed for shampoos and conditioners to be more effective.

I started Lily Adventure to help more women feel beautiful – starting with caring for their hair.

Your purchases make a difference to the community.

Every time you shop with us, 2% of all sales go directly to support Harboring Hearts, a local charity helping hundreds of cardiac surgery and transplant patients and their families with housing, food, and transportation.